4 Place Jussieu, 75005 Paris

Conférence du Pr. Alain Goriely, Oxford, UK lors du Séminaire général à l’Institut ∂’Alembert


Nous signalons à ceux d’entre vous qui seraient intéressés qu’une conférence sur « Les mécanisme de morphogenèse du cerveau et du crâne » par le Professeur Alain Goriely (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, England) aura lieu lors du Séminaire général à l’Institut ∂’Alembert le jeudi 28 juin à partir de 11h30  :

Title: The mechanics of brain and skull morphogenesis
Abstract: The human brain is an organ of extreme complexity, the object of ultimate intellectual egocentrism, and a source of endless scientific challenges. Its intricate folded shape has fascinated generations of scientists and has, so far, defied a complete description. How does it emerge? How is its shape related to its function? In this talk, I will review our current understanding of brain morphogenesis and its unique place within a general mathematical theory of biological growth. In particular, I will present simple models for basic pattern formation and show how they help us understand  brain folding and skull formation.