4 Place Jussieu, 75005 Paris

Discussion Group: Genic Networks

The next discussion group, which will address the theme of gene networks : “Network reconstruction from multivariate information in genomic data” and will be presented by Hervé Isambert, Tuesday, March 20, 12h at 14h.

Small change from the usual format: our traditional and convivial snack, will be this time after the presentation, so that we have more time to exchange between us on the theme of the day.

In addition, we invite you to send us your presentation proposals for other discussion groups that can be stalled throughout the year without any problem. The idea is to make a presentation with the questions and discussions throughout the presentation, since the idea is to exchange, we arrive at 2am. The atmosphere is really relaxed so no stress, do not hesitate! Basically, it is good to focus either on the methodological aspects (approaches, techniques, analyzes, models, etc.) or on the fundamental principles considered (organization, operation, regulation, adaptation, etc.) to share together the means and ideas of systemic biology.

We also insist that young people attend (e.g. your M2 internship at home) and offer presentations (e.g. your docs and post-docs) for our discussion groups!