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Interactive Compilation of R Statistical Packages with Rstudio / devtools

Our third methodological workshop will take place in June and will be led by Christophe Desterke. On the program : The objective of this teaching is to learn how to compile an R package with the source code of its mathematical model. The compilation of the source code in the form of package R makes…
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Discussion Group: Molecular control of the endothelial to hematopoietic transition

We are pleased to be able to announce the April discussion group will address the theme of “Molecular control of the endothelial to hematopoietic transition” and will be presented by Hanane Khoury, Tuesday, April 10, from 12h to 14h. If you want to participate, it is essential that you register by sending an email as…
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Third edition of the QBio Symposium at Pasteur Institute

Hello everyone, We would like to point out to those of you who are interested that the third edition of the *QBio Symposium on Physical Aspects in Membrane Biolog * will take place at the Institut Pasteur in Paris on May 25, 2018: Symposium website: https://fr.xing-events.com/physicalaspectsinmembranebiology.html; Registration: Free but limited to 126 places at https://www.xing.com/events/3rd-qbio-symposium-physical-aspects-in-membrane-biology-1905524; Deadline…
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What is BioSys?

Why creating a Systems Biology Network at Sorbonne University? Systems Biology was identified in March 2015 by the department of Life Sciences as a priority to be supported and developed, as a mean to structure the educational and research activity in Biology at Sorbonne University. In July 2015, a working group made up of a dozen researchers…
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What is Systems Biology?

  Systems Biology (SB) is a generic approach in Biology that is based on the fact that any biological entity (a genome, a cell, an organ, an individual, a population, etc.) represents a system formed of interacting constituents. The central idea of ​​SB is that biological processes (whether these processes are physiological, growth, regulatory, adaptive, evolving or learning processes…) come…
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Workshop Computational Systems Biology for Cancer

Interdisciplinary exchange between oncologists, biologists, and computer scientists To decipher the complexity of cancer, an integrated approach is required providing a comprehensive and mechanistic overview of the involved processes. The workshop aims at fostering the interdisciplinary exchange between oncologists, biologists, and computer scientists on this major health care challenge. The presentations will be made to…
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9th Centori conference

We bring you this conference, recommended by Jean Clairambault and will take place from September 30 to October 3 in Santorini, Greece. Le thème général cette année est : Systems Medicine, Personalised Health & Therapy. “The Odyssey from Hope to Practice” avec un accent particulier sur les maladies cardiovasculaires et le cancer. Les informations se trouvent ici…
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