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Postdoctoral Contract Offer: Systems Biology of Neurodegenerative Diseases

We are sending you this postdoctoral contract offer concerning the modeling of the dynamics of Huntington’s disease: For further information contact Dr Christian Neri. Duration of the contract: two years, possibly extended one more year. Beginning date July 2018. If you are interested, send your detailed CV, a letter of motivation and three letters of…
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PhD Scholarship: Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Oxygen and Gene Expression in a Multi-species Bacterial Biofilm

A doctoral scholarship related to systems biology is proposed by the Jean Perrin laboratory: The thesis will be based at Sorbonne University – Campus Jussieu; it will take place under the supervision of Nelly Henry in collaboration with Arnaud Gautier, ENS, PASTEUR Laboratory. If you are interested please send CV, cover letter, transcript and recommendation…
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M2 Internship Offer: Modeling Lymphocyte Dynamics

  M2 internship under the direction of Véronique Thomas-Vaslin, on the modeling of lymphocyte dynamics is available at Sorbonne-University: Theinternship will be based at CERVI, Hospital de la Pitié (83, Boulevard de l’Hôpital 75013 Paris). The duration will be 6months End date will be 31/12/2018 at the latest. If you are interested, contact Véronique Thomas-Vaslin…
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Postdoctoral contract offer: Miniaturized Artificial Microfluidic Lung

A post-doctoral contract offer concerning the development of a miniaturized artificial microfluidic lung at Paris Saclay University is available: The postdoc will be based at UPS, in the microfluidics team in collaboration with G. Hwang, J. Gamby and A-M. Haghiri-Gosnet; Salary 2080 € / month for a young post-doc, 2915 € / month for a researcher…
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Post-doctoral Contract Offer in Complex Biological Systems Modeling

A postdoctoral contract offer in complex biological systems modeling is available at the University of Technology of Compiègne : Post doc subject: A Multi-agent System of the Cell Membrane: Auto-assembly and Particle/ion Interaction   Advisors: Prof. Karim El Kirat, Dr. Tien-Tuan Dao (BMBI laboratory, UMR CNRS-UTC 7338 Biomécanique et Bioingénierie), Dr. Pascal Moyal (LMAC laboratory, UTC EA 2222…
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PhD fellowship offer: Modeling the coupling between metabolism and epigenetics

A PhD fellowship offer related to systems biology is proposed by TIMC-IMAG and EDISCE: The thesis will be based in Grenoble; it will take place under the supervision of Eric Fanchon, Daniel Jost and Angelique Stéphanou; starting Fall 2018. If you are interested please contact Eric Fanchon: eric.fanchon@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr and Daniel Jost: daniel.jost@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr. More information in…
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Postdoctoral fellowship in biophysics in Sorbonne University

The Laboratoire Jean Perrin is looking for a post doctoral researcher to model vaccination and niche competition effects in the gut for microbiota engineering. Antibiotic multi-resistant (AMR) bacteria that frequently inhabit the intestinal tract of humans and livestock are a serious threat. Our recent work demonstrates that intestinal antibodies, raised by inactivated oral vaccines, enforce…
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Postdoctoral fellowship in immunology in the Netherlands

The post-doctoral contract involves working on CTLs and non-coding RNAs and requires molecular and NGS skills. More information: