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Doctoral Contracts

In 2017, the Systems Biology network was awarded a doctoral contract by Sorbonne University. The network has therefore put in place an internal call for projects for the award of two allocations. The timing of this procedure was as follows:
– Call launched on the network list on March 15th.
– Ten projects proposed to April 18 (submission deadline).
– Meeting of a jury on May 24th composed of Benoît Sarels, Régis Lambert, Olivier Marre, Frédérique Peronnet, Pierre Charbord, Maria Barbi, Stéphanie Bonneau, Isabelle Callebaut and Gilles Fischer, members of the network.

The project ranked first was “Dissecting the neural mechanisms underlying thermotaxis in zebrafish”, carried by Georges Debregeas and Raphael Candelier was awarded the UPMC allocation.The second ranked project, “Emergence of neuronal pathways robust by synaptic plasticity in networks of the prefrontal cortex “, worn by Bruno Delord, was offered the opportunity to participate in the Sorbonne University competition. After evaluation of the file at the College Doctoral level, this second project was funded.