4 Place Jussieu, 75005 Paris

Interactive Compilation of R Statistical Packages with Rstudio / devtools

Our third methodological workshop will take place in June and will be led by Christophe Desterke.

On the program :

  • The objective of this teaching is to learn how to compile an R package with the source code of its mathematical model. The compilation of the source code in the form of package R makes it possible to fix the versions of its mathematical model with the dependencies necessary for the computation, improving the reproducibility of computation.
  • Compiled R packages are cross-platform compatible so they can be widely redistributed, especially since they are open source.
  • Publishing your R packages on the Github platform makes it possible to value and reference your work and therefore potentially to increase the value of your scientific publications.
  • One-day guided instruction: during the morning setting up of the Windows programming environment and introduction to functional programming R; afternoon: compilation of an example of a R package. Publication on Github.

Registration by email at BioSys.SU@gmail.com.