4 Place Jussieu, 75005 Paris

Lecture by Professor Alain GORIELY, Oxford, UK at the General Seminar at the ∂’Alembert Institute


We would like to point out to those of you who are interested that a lecture on “The mechanism of brain and skull morphogenesis” by Professor Alain Goriely (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, England) will take place at the General Seminar at ‘Institut Alembert’ on Thursday, June 28th from 11.30am :

Title: The mechanics of brain and skull morphogenesis
Abstract: The human brain is an organ of extreme complexity, the object of ultimate intellectual egocentrism, and a source of endless scientific challenges. Its intricate folded shape has fascinated generations of scientists and has, so far, defied a complete description. How does it emerge? How is its shape related to its function? In this talk, I will review our current understanding of brain morphogenesis and its unique place within a general mathematical theory of biological growth. In particular, I will present simple models for basic pattern formation and show how they help us understand  brain folding and skull formation.