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M2 Scholarships

In 2017, the Systems Biology network decided to launch a call for projects to finance M2 bonuses for 2017-2018. The network has therefore put in place a call for projects procedure internal to the network. The timing of this procedure was as follows:

  • Call launched on the network mailinglist on March 15th.
  • Eight projects proposed to April 21st (deadline of submission deadline).
  • Mid-May jury meeting composed of Patrick Cormier, Bruno Delord, Stéphane Le Crom, Philippe Lopez, Frederic Devaux, Benoit Sarels, Frederique Peronnet, Philippe Cardot, Gilles Fischer, Adrien Six, Pierre Charbord, Maria Barbi, Hedi Soula and Jérémie Naudé. The jury selected seven projects out of nine proposed, mainly based on the systemic nature of the projects (see list below).

The jury selected six projects out of eight proposed, mainly based on the systemic nature of the projects:

  • Investigation and Computer Modeling of Cell Dynamics: Establishing a workflow from the quantification to the simulation of lymphocyte dynamics in physiology and immunotherapies

    Responsable : Véronique Thomas-Vaslin – Co-supervisors of the M2 : Bertrand Bellier & Tarynn Witten;

  • Theoretical and experimental systemic features of kinematic chains – Co-supervisors of the M2: Jean Cognet & Stéphane Régnier;
  • Modeling social and non-social flexibility deficits in reinforcement learning in people with Autism Spectrum Disorders – Co-supervisors of the M2: Khamassi Mehdi & Grynszpan Ouriel;

  • Autophagosome formation promoted by p62 – Co-supervisors of the M2: Marie Doumic & Christian Schmeiser;
  • Identification and quantification of viruses in the oceans by bioinformatics and interferometry: evaluation of their impact on microbial communities and carbon cycle -Co-supervisors of the M2: Mathilde Garcia & Elodie Laine;

  • Impact des propriétés intrinsèques des neurones thalamiques sur la fiabilité de transmission des informations sensorielles au cortex – Co-supervisors of the M2: Régis Lambert & Thomas Bessaïh.