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Structures of systems biology in France

The BioSys network has referenced these structures devoted to research in Systems Biology in France.
Feel free to contact us (biosys.su@gmail.com) if we have forgotten to reference a relevant structure.

Network of Systemic Biology of the University of Lyon:

BioSyL is a FRS (Federative Research Structure) dependent on the University of Lyon (UoL). It brings together about sixty local research teams working on systemic biology in its most varied aspects. The purpose of this network is to federate these teams, to make visible and to promote research carried out at the UoL in systemic biology as well as local skills in the field.

Plant Health and Environment Department of INRA:

INRA’s research is conducted in thirteen scientific departments. Each department runs a set of disciplinary fields to explore new research questions. The Plant Health and Environment Department does more than just deploy its efforts to improve the efficiency, specificity and robustness of crop protection. The department proposes documentation and news on systems biology.