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What is BioSys?

Why creating a Systems Biology Network at Sorbonne University?

Systems Biology was identified in March 2015 by the department of Life Sciences as a priority to be supported and developed, as a mean to structure the educational and research activity in Biology at Sorbonne University.
In July 2015, a working group made up of a dozen researchers and professors conducted a reflection on how to structure Systems Biology at Sorbonne University. From this reflection was created a Systems Biology Network, BioSys, in order to federate the community around transversal issues in Systems Biology, to stimulate exchanges between teams beyond traditional disciplinary fields and to reinforce interactions between experimentation and modeling.
In this perspective, a call was made at Sorbonne Universities to identify the teams interested in building BioSys. This call, launched in October 2015, attracted about 60 research teams across different biological fields. The success of this call reinforces the idea that the creation of such a network is relevant and responds to a real need for structuring interactions between disciplinary fields and between experimentation and modeling in Biology.The 1st Symposium of BioSys, organized on June 6th and 7th, 2016, established the official creation of network, to initiate scientific exchanges and to specify the community needs, through workshops (network organization, exchanges and collaboration, methodological aspects).

What are the practical goals of BioSys?

Concretely, the objectives of BioSys are to animate and finance initiatives in research and teaching by setting up communication and exchange tools within the community, organizing symposia, funding Master internships, mobility supports for cooperation between teams.

Since July 2015, the working group and the steering committee of the network have carried out many actions to structure Systems Biology: participation in the recruitment of two Systems Biology professors at Sorbonne University, reinforcement of Systems Biology in BMC (Molecular and Cell Biology) and BIP (Integrative Biology and Physiology) Masters,  discussion groups, initiation of a database gathering the skills of network members to facilitate collaborations, setting up a website and possibly a collaborative network platform.